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Meet Ian and Wendy: Two extraordinary motorcycle riders from opposite sides of the globe who decided to take on the world.

With millions of miles under their belts and the skills to solve almost any problem, they've had incredible adventures and conquered some of the world's toughest motorcycle challenges.

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Stuff Wendy loves

Arboreal Systems power distribution modules - Wendy has run both the Neutrino Black Box and Apogee power distribution modules on multiple bikes.

• First Gear - Wendy has loads of FirstGear riding gear that she cycles through depending on the season and the ride. Her go-to is the Kathmandu jacket and pants.

Stuff Ian loves

• Aerostich - Ian wears a custom Roadcrafter Classic one-piece suit.

Stuff They Both Love

BMW Cruisecomfort boots  Ian has worn these for years and finally convinced Wendy to give them a shot. After far too many years of “waterproof” boots leaving her with cold, wet feet, her only regret is waiting so long to switch.

INNOVV dash cams - Our dash cam systems were the perfect solution for two people who are far too busy (and frankly, apathetic) to deal with the hassle and bulk of standard action cams. We installed the 4k Ultra-HD camera facing forward and installed the 1080p HD rear camera in the cockpit on a pivoting mount that gave us a 270° field of view. The result was exactly what we were looking for: high-def action cam results without all the hassle.

MC Cruise cruise controls - Ian already had an MC Cruise system on his Australian Yamaha Super Tenere, and Wendy has worked with them for years as an installation center. They were thrilled to have MC Cruise onboard as sponsors and to have cutting edge electric servo powered systems designed especially for their US ACE bike. If you’re looking for a truly plug-and-play cruise control with all factory connectors – no cutting, no splicing – look no further than MC Cruise.

McPhee Enterprises highway pegs - Ian has combined his love of motorcycles with his expert design and fabrication skill to create a line of custom accessories. He is expanding his line of highway pegs to fit more models, so if you’re in the market for some beautiful pegs with unparalleled functionality and design, drop him a line!

Russell Day-Long seats - There is no better investment you can make in your bike than a high quality custom seat, and in our opinion there are no better custom seats than Russell Day-Long. Wendy likes them so much, she just keeps buying new Gen1 FJRs so she can keep using the same seat. Yes, they’re that good.

3M Dual Lock - Don’t let Ian tell you he doesn’t love this stuff. If he didn’t, I promise that Wendy loves it enough for both of them. This will hold pretty much anything onto pretty much anything else and Wendy always keeps a stash in her toolkit in case of emergency sticking-stuff-onto-other-stuff situations.

LDComfort. Hands down the finest technical base layers on the market. They both use the full range of riding tights, shorts, long sleeve shirts and helmet liners. Wendy also wears the ladies combo top. Outstanding gear from an outstanding company.

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