Pushing Miles

The Book

Pushing Miles is the incredible true story of two elite long distance riders who set out to make motorcycling history on a bicontinental ride documenting 58 state capitals… in alphabetical order.

With a GPS in one hand, a sense of humor in the other, and a wholly unreasonable quantity of optimism stashed away somewhere (you probably don’t want to ask where), Ian McPhee and Wendy Crockett expect their meticulously planned 100,000 mile World Record quest to go off without a hitch. But as the trail of destruction continues to grow, they realize that nothing about this ride will come easy. Can they break records without breaking everything else in the process? Through the endless cascade of catastrophes, it seems the only thing that doesn’t break is their spirit.

Pushing Miles is an unforgettable look at the “never say die” attitude of two adventurous souls who pursue their goals with unbridled enthusiasm and unrelenting determination, regardless of how absurd those goals may be.

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